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Stay tuned as we try to make the 2016/17 curling season the best one yet!
Rebecca Wichers-Schreur
Rebecca will be completing her Masters of Industrial Relations in June of 2016, and is excited to be entering the working world!
She is also moving up to second this year, and as a career lead she is looking forward to embracing her new role and going far with this great group of ladies.
Nicknames: Becca, Becs
Age:  24
Career: Student
Interests/Hobbies besides Curling: When I’m not curling I’m usually at school, at the mall, or browsing a fashion magazine. I like watching anything from 80’s movies to crime shows to stand-up comedy – you don’t want to challenge me to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon! I love travelling, painting and taking pictures (but I’m not that good) and a new pair of shoes.
Resides: Winchester, Ontario
Born: Winchester, Ontario
Family: Mom Laurie, and Dad Gerry.  Two brothers, Craig and Gerritt.


Years Curled: 16
Delivers: Right
How did you get started curling? When I was 6 a friend brought me for ‘bring a friend night’ – I joined little rocks the next year and have been hooked ever since!
Favorite Curling Memory: Tough to choose, but both of my appearances at the U18 Championships are probably tied in the top spot. They were both so rewarding, and gave me a taste of what it’s like to play representing your province!
Best curler you ever played with: Aside from my current teammates, Jamie Sinclair and Cheryl Kreviazuk are two of the most talented curlers I know, and they taught me a lot about what it means to be a good teammate and a good curler.
Best curler you ever played against: Coming through juniors in Ottawa it was always fun to get to play against Rachel Homan, and today her team is one of strongest women’s teams in the world. 
All Time Favorite Curler and Why? As a young curler I idolized Colleen Jones – and she is certainly one of my favourites!  I also respect Lisa Weagle a lot for time and effort she puts in, and her dedication to her position.


  • 2015 Ontario Scotties Provincial Finalist (Lead)
  • 2 Time Ontario Junior Women’s Provincial Finalist (Lead)
  • 2010 Optimist International Under 18 Championships – Bronze Medalist (Lead)
  • 2009 Ontario Bantam Girls Provincial Champion (Lead)
  • 2009 Optimist International Under 18 Championships – 4th Place (Lead)
  • 2008 Ontario Winter Games Gold Medalist (Lead)
**2 Time Ontario Quest for Gold Athletic Card Recipient
**2 Time Assistant Coach for the Trillium High Performance Junior Curling Camp